Less modelling. More creativity.

Welcome to the first procedural assets store on the CG market. 
At Geometryy we strongly believe that time is an invaluable asset and our templates are doing exactly that – they save your time.


Big and small, long and short – it’s up to you! These RailClone models are highly configurable, yet simple to use. PBR materials applied, of course. 

Bicycle stands

All the details you need in one perfectly crafted RailClone templates pack. Set a spline and pick the type you need, we already took care of the rest. Fully procedural models, fully adaptable.

A lot of them. 


Futuristic, stylish, contemporary – we have them all. 36 ready to render RailClone models with PBR materials and a handsome of settings for each one of them. Draw your spline and let it shine!


Adjustable length, height, width, gap, division and, basically, everything else. Turn these fully procedural 16 RailClone models into hundreds of variations and pick the one you need. Waiting for a spline only. As usual.


We have some excellent assets to decorate your urban renderings – our procedural RailClone planters models! And be sure, it’s not just that. We have included 6 high-quality plants 3 variations each within every single template. And we just couldn’t stop, so you will have 10 carefully crafted PBR materials to roll. Interested?

Windows details

Finally, all the windows details you need in one simple RailClone models pack. Easy to distribute, fast to configure – enjoyable to look at! Curtains, blinds, shutters – opened, closed, wooden or metal, or even completely randomized – we have thought about every possible option.

Just pick a spline and let our RailClone models do their job! 


Geometryy Partners

Efim Armand is CG Architect nominated CG Awards artist, creator of Driver Master – a tool for 3dsmax, that automatically creates a 4-wheeled car rig.

KStudio offers a set of the best plugins for managing your assets for Autodesk 3ds Max. KStudio’s plugins are used by companies and freelancers around the world who work in the sphere of architectural visualization, game and movies development.

Exlevel is a company founded in 2007 and is very well known for it’s industry standard plugin GrowFX. It is a plugin for Auodesk 3dsMax, which allows you to generate any plants and trees, as well as animate them. The Geometryy Planters was done using GrowFX plugin.

Geometryy was started as a library of personal assets and later has transformed into a store to share with everyone.

Assets are being sold on Gumroad to provide the best security and smooth experience during the transactions.

Any questions let us know: [email protected]

Ah yes, feel free to share with anyone! Let’s change the way we approach modelling – together. 
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